CYDEF Practice

THinK Best Practice has partnered with CYDEF to offer the most robust endpoint security protection available. We chose CYDEF because they built the only threat hunting solution where analysts investigate 100% of unknown activities. If they haven’t seen it before, it gets investigated. Other vendors only investigate if an AI assigns the activity a high enough threat score. This leaves customers vulnerable to more sophisticated attacks that are specifically designed to bypass automated tools. In addition to being a more effective endpoint security solution, CYDEF detects more than just malware and ransomware, they also detect policy violations, such as gaming, crypto mining, and pirated software. This information helps customers improve their security posture over time.

Through this partnership, THinK Best Practice customers will get:

The CYDEF solution offers the benefits of Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services that include threat hunting, for a fraction of the cost of other cybersecurity companies.

See what makes CYDEF unique: